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C-Tech RK C-Tech DG-207
C-Tech RKC C-Tech PM-21
C-Tech MS-02 C-Tech IC-02

C-TECH RKC is a traditionally refined, premium food grade carrageenan extracted from the red seaweed Eucheuma cottonii abundantly found in Indonesian waters. It underwent alkali treatment to enhance its gelling capabilities in both aqueous and milk systems. It forms thermoreversible gels at sufficient concentrations. It is highly sensitive to the presence of potassium ions that greatly enhance the gelation of the product. [Click for Detail]


C-TECH PM-21  is a semi-refined carrageenan, compounded to serve as a natural binder for sausages and hamburger . It is used to improve the appearance and texture of meat products by effectively binding  meat pieces and stabilizing meat emulsion. It increases production yield by enabling the meat products to hold large quantities of water. It imparts good slicing property and prevents fat separation. [Click for Detail]


C-TECH MS-02  is a semi-refined carrageenan, compounded to serve as a natural stabilizer and thickener for milk and chocomilk. It is used to improve the quality of milk products by effectively  stabilizing milkfat and preventing water separation. Carrageenan has a unique protein reactivity with milk casein that effectively stabilizes milkfat-protein complex. It also improves the viscosity and gives body to the milk. [Click for Detail]


C-TECH IC-02  is a blend of carrageenan, emulsifier, and other hydrocolloid gum used as an important ingredient in the manufacture of bulk ice cream. It helps in providing creaminess, melting resistance,and smoothness to the finished product. [Click for Detail]

C-TECH DG-207 is a refined carrageenan, compounded to serve as a gelling agent for dessert jelly. It gives a transparent finished product that is elastic and with little syneresis. [Click for Detail]
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