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PT. ALGALINDO PERDANA with brand name SEATECH CARRAGEENAN started business in 1960 exporting coffee beans, cocoa beans, cashew, copra, and other agricultural products to Japan, Europe, US, Singapore, China, Korea, Taiwan and other countries.

In 1972 it added dried seaweed to its range of exports. As a major supplier of seaweed to the world market, SEATECH is extensively involved in seaweed farming with aquaculture operations in the entire Indonesian archipelago. SEATECH owned a 300 hectare of land concession in Sumba Island since 1985.

From supplying raw materials of dried seaweed worldwide, SEATECH diversified into processing carrageenan. SEATECH’s commitment to its carrageenan business has been intensified with the formation of a Mitsubishi Corp. joint venture firm, PT. SEAMATEC (PT. Sea Marine Technology).

SEATECH’s involvement with carrageenan production led its establishment of PT. ALGALINDO PERDANA, a wholly-owned Indonesian subsidiary which engaged in the production of carrageenan and sodium alginate.

PT. ALGALINDO PERDANA is engaged in blending and compounding binders, thickeners, stabilizers, emulsifiers, clarifying and gelling agent for the manufacture of processed meat, dessert jellies, ice creams, beverages, confectioneries, dairy products, sauces, farinaceous products, petfood, cosmetics, toiletries and other applications.
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