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C-Tech RK C-Tech DG-207
C-Tech RKC C-Tech PM-21
C-Tech MS-02 C-Tech IC-02

Meat Binder for Comminuted and Emulsion
Usage level : 0.4-0.9%

C-TECH PM-21  is a semi-refined carrageenan, compounded to serve as a natural binder for sausages and hamburger . It is used to improve the appearance and texture of meat products by effectively binding  meat pieces and stabilizing meat emulsion. It increases production yield by enabling the meat products to hold large quantities of water. It imparts good slicing property and prevents fat separation.

Light tan, free flowing powder
Moisture content  
12% maximum
Viscosity ( 1.5% solution at 75 °C)
3000 – 5000 cps
Water Gel Strength (1.5% solution at 20°C)
500 – 700  g/cm²
Total Plate Count 
maximum of 10,000 cfu/g
Yeast and Molds
maximum of 500 cfu/g
negative in 1.0 gram
E. coli
negative in 1.0 gram


Meat    65.500 %  
Water 29.800 %   
STPP 0.400 %    
Nitrite salt 2.650 %     
Sodium chloride 0.350 %   
Maltodextrin 0.750 % 
Sodium ascorbate 0.050 %   
C-Tech PM21 0.500 %
1. Debone and trim ham muscle.
2. Prepare brine solution in a tank with continuous stirring:
a. Dissolve STPP and nitrite.
b. Disperse C-Tech PM21 .
c. Dissolve Maltodextrin(or sprinkle on ham before tumbling).
3. Inject the brine solution into the meat by means of a multi-needle injector. Perform the injection twice.
4. Place the meat inside the meat tumbler. Add more brine solution until the desired weight gain of the meat is reached. Treat the meat under vacuum.
5. Stuff the meat in a shrink-wrap casing, dry and smoke the meat, if desired.
6. Heat the product in a steam atmosphere or in a water bath at 80°C until  the internal temperature of ham is 68-72°C.
7. Cool the product by a cold water spray for 30-45 minutes.
This product is sold with the understanding that the purchasers make their own tests to determine the suitability of the product for their own particular purpose and processing conditions. Technical data are supplied for guidance only and may be different from customer’s results due to differences in testing methods and instruments.
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